Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Poor Ms Prism

How is it that Prism and Chasuble still have not hooked up?

Or, given their respective and respectable ages (I presume), not found themselves in each other's arms?

They clearly are very fond of each other, and I have done everything in my power to make them see the light, yet they are not at that point yet.

I'm disappointed.

True, Chasuble seems rather clueless, perhaps too keen on his profession and spending his time professionally, unable to see what's right in front of him.

Perhaps unable to believe that Prism might care for him?

In any case, he is far too easily flustered, and has far too little confidence in himself. I presume that for those so inclined, he makes rather a charming older man-type love interest. And he's certainly in the right age range for Prism.

Prism, too, seems unable to comprehend that Chasuble might have feelings for her. I'm not surprised, also because Chasuble is so completely unable to express himself, fool that he is. Therapists are always the ones in greatest need of therapy, isn't it?

But still. She could be more obvious, inviting Chasuble to believe in the possibilities. And she never shies away from telling me and Jack off for landlady-related things, and she has a brilliant grasp on whatever any of her tenants are up to.

You wouldn't normally cross Prism, even though she's perfectly lovely when you're friendly and polite to her. I have tea with her for a reason.

So why can't she make a move on Chasuble, and why can't Chasuble recognise in other people what they feel about him, when he's been trained to do exactly that with regard to feelings and presumptions toward other things and people?

Something needs to happen here, and I'm going to make it happen.

They deserve to be happy and one way to do that is through fulfilling desires. If they want each other - they're single, independent, clever people. This can only work out well.

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