Friday, 28 February 2014

German lessons

I was once advised to take up a second language because of job prospects and whatnot.

So I did.

And I took up German.

Biggest mistake of my life, seeing as I'm absolutely certain I look rather dull and greyish after doing it. I'm taking a course in German that's sort of casually offered by the uni so it's not like it takes up a lot of time, and I really only do it whenever I get those emails reminding me of yet another week having passed without me spending any time on it - like I got just now. I wish I'd gone for a more interesting language, like French or Italian, which are such romantic languages - isn't it far nicer to hear 'Je t'aime' or 'Ti amo' than a harsh German 'ich liebe dich'?

But yeah they said German would be good because of prospects, Germany having a stable economy or whatever they argued for.

Come to think of it, it was Jack who said I should take German.

I need to have a word with him about that.

In the meanwhile - Tschüss, liebe Freunde!

Friday, 21 February 2014


 It's almost Jack's birthday and it's really difficult to think of what to get serious people – I thought of getting him a nice drink or something but he doesn't really drink, and there isn't any film or telly show that he really likes that he hasn't got on DVD yet.

He's suggested I give him a book or socks or something boring like that, but that's hardly suitable for something so serious as a birthday.

He says I really shouldn't bother but I like birthdays, they're too good of an excuse for a party to not bother with them.

For what it's worth, Jack works in an office in the city somewhere – it always does sound a bit important – so anyone who's got like a good suggestion, please tell me.

I was hoping that he would celebrate his birthday and have his brother over.

I'm really fed up with the grey weather and rain, I really need it to be spring soon so I can get out my spring shoes without them getting all mucky.

That's it for now, I think.  

Saturday, 15 February 2014


I should probably have made clear yesterday that I'm not actually going out with Jack's brother Ernest – sadly I've never met him. But from the way Jack always complains about him, I'm sure he must be so much fun. And anyway, what's the point of Valentine's if you can't spend it with someone who makes you laugh?

I think it's perfectly normal to imagine going on a date with someone you haven't met yet, despite what Jack claims. I mean, who wouldn't want to go out with someone who's so perfectly – earnest – in his shamelessness?

So to annoy Jack I found the cutest little ring in a vintage shop, like a rose, and as it'll be a while before Ernest'll give that to me, I figured I'd buy it instead to celebrate our dating.

Friday, 14 February 2014


 Tonight, since it's Valentine's Day, I'll have a date with Ernest, who's Jack's brother but much more of a laugh to hang out with. It's actually our first date – I've decided that it was time. He'll take me to this Italian restaurant – Bocca di Lupo – that I've been dying to try for literally ages now, and then we'll go to the opera to see Don Giovanni because he's romantic and unconventional like that, and he'll of course be absolutely gorgeous and charming in that outfit that I said looks good on him – I do love a man who knows how to wear a jacket well – and I'll wear that blue dress he gave me for my birthday a few months ago, and it'll be wonderful and lovely.

I do so love Valentine's Day. It's so boring how people normally go about dating – so straightforward. At least people are creative about being in love on Valentine's.  

Friday, 7 February 2014


Testing, testing, 123. 

Quick introduction – I'm Cece, 22, in my last year of History of Art at UCL, and I live in Hertfordshire with my flatmate Jack. 

So, I decided to keep a blog since my diary is full and you should always have something interesting to read when you're stuck on the tube - or on the bus when they're on strike. At least this I can read and write on my iphone instead of having to carry around a diary and risk losing it. 

Right. More to come soon!