Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Drama drama

I do not understand Gwen's Mum's aversion to her dating Jack - Jack is perfectly lovely, after all.

And I do not understand why she is so hostile to me.

Does she not know what my Father does? (well then, neither do I)

Does she not know that I stand to inherit? (well, at some point or other)

How could she be opposed to me and Algernon? He is only her nephew, what say has she in whom he fancies?

Poor Jack.

Poor Al.

Poor Gwen.

I mean, it's not like I intend to marry him, or anything - not now, in any case. I won't marry anyone until I'm at least thirty-five, and have misspent all my youth doing things one should do whilst young, like spending money one can't afford, and visiting places that give one all sorts of nasty infections, like Hepatitis and Malaria and Rubella, and eating indigestible foods.

I just intend of having a wonderfully lovely affair with Al, as long as it lasts.

That reminds me, perhaps it is time to break it off with him again, just for a bit, to keep the drama fresh. I could tell him his Aunt scares me - she does - but that seems too significant a reason.

One mustn't be averse to others, unless they are perfectly hideous. But I am not, so there is that.

Now, Prism and Chasuble - there's a relationship that needs to happen first before it can be broken off. There's a good hobby to take my mind off things.

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